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Holistic Flexible Nutrition, Wellness & Workout Programs

After overcoming what Tarrah calls 'an extreme lifestyle' that included hours of grueling workouts and extremely low caloric-intake and led to metabolic dysfunction, she has a deep passion for helping others overcome 'extreme living'.

Tarrah's extreme lifestyle led her down a path of not only metabolic dysfunction but also an eating disorder.  She took many steps through extensive research to heal her body and metabolic function.  

These steps included a focus on real-food, healing internal inflammation and 'flexible nutrition' - a lifestyle that discourages good vs. bad foods and allows people to eat the foods they love as long as they add up to their allotted macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) for their goals.  Flexible nutrition and real-foods eating helped Tarrah to truly let go of poor relationships with food and fuel her body in the optimal way!


Tarrah is also an accomplished fitness professional with extensive experience in fitness programming that is custom tailored to her clients' goals.

Tarrah holds certifications from

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

    • Certified Personal Trainer

    • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

    • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • ​Ortho-Kinetics Level 1 Certified​
  • Masters Level Certificate in Holistic Nutrition (in progress)​​

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