The InsideOut podcast features best friends, Tarrah Lee and Emotional Fitness expert Terissa Coobs.

Tarrah is the former radio show host of Denver Nutritionista on for 5 years.  Tarrah is a Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist and was featured in Women’s Health, Women’s First and Herlife magazines and the Today’s Show.

Terrisa Coobs is a Certified Personal Trainer and popular blogger @findfearless and inspires people to live with intention and joy! Terrisa is an Emotional Fitness Coach and has been a special guest on Denver Nutritionista multiple times educating others on transformational change, the ‘Desire Map’ and finding peace in life.

The Inside Out Podcast is a true holistic approach to health: whole foods, healthy lifestyle, emotional fitness, physical fitness, spiritual vitality and personal growth

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