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5 Steps to Achieving Body-Love in 2017

Weight-loss as a New Years Resolution is so last year.

No more weight loss New Years Resolutions

But seriously - let's all agree to STOP the madness of the Jan 1st weight-loss frenzy and make actual, sustainable, true lifestyle changes that will LEAD to a more positive view of your body and a healthier you.

And yes when you make these sustainable changes to a healthier you.....they likely will lead to reduced body fat without jumping on the dieting bandwagon year after year after year.


1. Paradigm Change

'I will be happy when I lose 30lbs' - does not exist. TRUST ME! You will not be happy when you lose X number of pounds. Losing over 100 lbs did not make me fact, it made me more miserable. Why? Because I did not work on my deep feelings of self-worth! I only addressed the physical aspects.

You have to approach a complete paradigm shift around the 'I will be happy when' idea and instead, say 'I CHOOSE to be happy NOW, so that, when I reach X goal, I will have gratitude.'

I realize the journey to making happiness a choice when it comes to body image is a difficult one, but keep reading to learn how to make this journey a powerful and impactful one.

2. Realize Your Body is NOT Your Identity

Something I realized in going through my life-long journey from overweight -> to fit -> to underweight/sick -> and back to health was that my very identity was wrapped up in how my body looked.

But in reality? The reason that people love me and care for me has ZERO to do with my body. It has to do with my heart, with my soul and my ability to connect with them on a deep level.

When you can recognize that your body is your 'identity' or your reason for feeling of 'value' or loved - you can begin to initiate true change.

3. Practice Non-Body Related Gratitude Daily

Every day, practice gratitude. Set a calendar time and alarm - 5-10 minutes is all you need. (Tip: I do mine while I am making my bed in the morning.)

Say aloud, in your head or type in your phone: 10 things you are grateful for that are not body-related. Things like:

  • I am grateful for my supportive family/spouse/partner, etc.

  • I am grateful for my home

  • I am grateful to have an income

  • I am grateful for my best friend

  • Etc.

Starting out your day practicing gratitude helps to begin your day on a positive note as well as help you to see all of the things you truly are blessed with in your life that have zero to do with how your body looks.

4. Daily Mirror Positive Speak

Another 'daily':

  • Look in the mirror and pick one thing you LIKE about your body.

The moment you begin to think negative - STOP. Reframe and find something positive. Even if it is that you love your eyes. This is a step in the right direction to seeing beauty in your body.

Make this a daily habit, just like brushing your teeth or making coffee. Say something positive in the mirror each and every day and you will soon find that you BELIEVE in these positive statements. Because they are TRUE.

5. Make Realistic Changes to Your Movement and Eating Habits:

Movement Move in the way that moves you. You don't have to take up high intensity training or sign up to run a marathon to enjoy movement. In fact, those who set a fitness goal that is too aggressive for their current fitness level, are 75% more likely to feel defeated by the intensity and give up.

Sustainable fitness goals

Eating Habits

Dieting is always setting yourself up for failure. Dieting is a means to an end - not a sustainable lifestyle.

Rule of thumb: If you are doing something that you cannot maintain for LIFE, then you will not be able to maintain results for life.

Make real, actual lifestyle changes that allow you to be flexible. Look in to flexible nutrition, follow people on Instagram and Pinterest who have recipes you love, take a healthy cooking class and learn how to LIVE instead of being restricted.


This New Year - don't Resolve: Evolve. Change your mindset, change your life.

Positive body image

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