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3 Tone-Setting Morning Rituals for Non-Morning People

Morning Rituals for Non-Morning People

I love mornings: the still dark but approaching light, the coolness outside, the smell of coffee, the promise of a new day and, my favorite: my morning ritual.

But not everyone is a 'morning person'. Some peoples minds don't process that early in the day just as some people cannot process later in the evening (don't ask me any questions past 930pm).

There is so much buzz around the benefits of morning rituals that set a 'tone' and intention for the day. The most popular 'morning rituals' typically include something mentally or physically focused like meditation or exercise. While I agree with the benefits, I also want to encourage the non-morning people that they can still partake in a morning ritual; just with less mental and physical energy asserted.

Here are 3 great 'non-morning person' friendly rituals to start your day off right:

  1. Step outside: Research shows that being outdoors can be restorative for our mental energy. Even just 5 minutes of silence outdoors when you first wake up or an outdoor walking commute to work can help set the tone for a mental-energy-positive day!

  2. Listen to Upbeat Music: Music has been shown to affect moods and stress in a profound way. Because music absorbs our attention, it can help take our minds off of stressful thoughts and focus more on the emotions it invokes like positive energy! Listen in the morning while getting ready for work or during your commute on headphones or in the car.

  3. Make Your Bed: Making your bed helps you create a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. It can help you feel organized and successful despite it seeming like such a small action. **BONUS: While making your bed, say out loud or in your head 10 things you are grateful for in your life. Practicing gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness, reduced stress and stronger relationships in positive psychology research.

So to all of the late to bed, late to rise, workout in the evening and are at your most productive when the stars are out - here is to a good morning as well!

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